Ingredients You Should Find in a Soap 

Many people are trying to find the best soaps for them, and therefore they use different kinds of products that they think have the healing and moisturizing properties they need. What happens is that the skin becomes more irritated because of the many mixtures of ingredients and chemicals in these soaps. Yes, you heard it right. The everyday soap you use contains a lot of chemicals than you know, contrary to the organic and handmade soap that is manufactured by small shops.  


To help you with your search for the best product for you, we list here the ingredients you should find n your ideal soap because these ingredients have the cleansing and moisturizing properties that you need.  


Essential Oils 


Essential oils are organic, healthy, and do not have negative effects on skin contrary to the everyday soaps that are mostly made of synthetic chemicals and preservatives. These essential oils have natural anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antimicrobial, and antibacterial properties that you do not usually find in the commonly marketed products in the market. Moreover, essential oils can effectively nourish skin by moisturizing, cleansing, and preventing skin irritations. The following are the essential oils you can find in organic soaps: 


  • Palm oil – palm oils are rich in oleic acid, emollient properties, and antioxidants that are effective in keeping the skin nourished. These properties do not contain any harmful compounds for the skin. 


  • Coconut oil – coconut oils are high in lauric acid and fats that effectively moisturize, soften, and heal certain skin conditions. They are used to treat psoriasis, eczema, and skin inflammation. Coconut oils are very popular in that they are not only used in soaps, but also in hair and treatment.  


  • Soybean oil – soybean oils are effective in preventing transepidermal water loss (TEWL) because it is high in linoleic acid properties. These properties do not just leave the skin moisturized, but also prevent it from drying and damaging. Similar to coconut oil, they are also effective in treating or preventing eczema, psoriasis, and skin inflammation. In general, soybean oils are proven to be healthy in the human body.  


  • Olive oil – olive oil is known to be easily absorbed by the body and skin, making it a good ingredient for moisturizing products. It is also high in oleic acid similar to palm oil, which makes it a good ingredient for the skin.  


Herbs and Spices 


Besides the essential oils, organic and handmade soaps may also contain a variety of herbs and spices as well as some clay and other natural ingredients for therapeutic purposes. Each herb type may provide different effects to the user. Some herbs have a good amount of antibacterial properties, while some have whitening properties.  


Why avoid everyday soap that you commonly see on the counter? 


Everyday soaps commonly contain thousands of chemicals and toxins which effectively damage the skin and induce some illnesses after prolonged exposure. These chemicals are needed to prolong the shelf life of the products and at the same time make the products more profitable.